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RealMrFaceMan-Ok, but I see you neglected to read the rules. There's something important in there you have to read.

Now I shall work on my SU!

Name: Roxas Cloud Uzumaki

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Job: Machinist

Side: Rosadia

Appearance: See Attachment

Personality: Roxas is a little, how you say, anti-social. He's usually always an indoor person, always tinkering with his gadgets n' stuff. In his mind, he doesn't really know what nature is. He's quiet, keeps things to himself, &...well there's not much to say about him. Roxas may be a little quiet, not having much knowledge about the outside world, mostly in future technology, but that doesn't stop him from learning new things that might help him. He see's the world as something to improve, like the wars.

History: Roxas once lived in a little village in Rosadia, watching people build things in a blacksmith shop. His father was a blacksmith of course. When he was five his father was killed by the hands of Tabuu, in a battle deep in the south with an army. This left only Roxas alone, with his mother unknown. He had no idea what a mother was since he doesn't remember what she looks like or what she does. For the rest of the years, a kind family took Roxas in to care for.

Roxas throughout his years has been curious about new stuff coming in, like weapons & armor. He's been learning how to build & such, like swords & blasters. His new father has been teaching him how to build, & his new mother tells him stories of what happened to Tabuu. Up to 17 years now, Roxas has been inside his room a lot. He has no idea of the danger or monsters out there. He does know, from his new brother, that the King is rounding up new soldiers. This sparks up Roxas, as he is now eager to join. He hopes his skill could come in handy.
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