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First reaction was, who the heck is Benjamin Diskin? XD But I think I heard him as Harm in Young Justice (don't judge me) and his voice was okay-ish there. I don't know about YMX. And weren't they supposed to translate "Issho ni ikou." as "We'll go together." instead of "Come with me." for that scene at the end of the trailer? Why would they mess that up. D:

I sort of get that impression around the internet, surfing as my only basis.
I was reading a blog post about it.

Sigh. I pity your friend. Then again if I loved a franchise that much, had the dedication and money.

I see. I did like seeing the videos that described it, especially the gameplay. I'm not sure if the time-travel plot sounds entirely engaging but I guess I'll manage. And you're right, it really is all about getting there. I'll just pretend the ending didn't happen.