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Originally Posted by Cid View Post
First reaction was, who the heck is Benjamin Diskin? XD But I think I heard him as Harm in Young Justice (don't judge me) and his voice was okay-ish there. I don't know about YMX. And weren't they supposed to translate "Issho ni ikou." as "We'll go together." instead of "Come with me." for that scene at the end of the trailer? Why would they mess that up. D:
Omg did they really? I think by that point I was still baaawing over the failed Roxas-trying-to-quote-Axel translation. It's definitely supposed to parallel Riku (?) in the first game, right? x_X This isn't the first time they've botched a translation that was supposed to match up with something earlier. Though I guess this isn't as bad as transliterating the Organization's original names wrong in KH2. (I was only reminded of this when I was on Braig's kh wiki page the other day and saw his name was originally Bleig in english lmaooo.)
Sigh. I pity your friend. Then again if I loved a franchise that much, had the dedication and money.
As I told him: I can't really judge him because if they ever do this with KH, they will get all of my money. All of it. As if they haven't already.

Though, I guess I sort of can judge him a bit because if XIII-2 is successful with this DLC business model, you just know they're gonna apply it to all their games.
I see. I did like seeing the videos that described it, especially the gameplay. I'm not sure if the time-travel plot sounds entirely engaging but I guess I'll manage. And you're right, it really is all about getting there. I'll just pretend the ending didn't happen.
I could probably tell you the exact moment to turn off your TV and stop watching the end to be content. They had a perfectly good ending point (wouldn't wrap up every loose end but wouldn't be super depressing) at one time. :P