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Originally Posted by Lightning View Post
Omg did they really? I think by that point I was still baaawing over the failed Roxas-trying-to-quote-Axel translation. It's definitely supposed to parallel Riku (?) in the first game, right? x_X This isn't the first time they've botched a translation that was supposed to match up with something earlier. Though I guess this isn't as bad as transliterating the Organization's original names wrong in KH2. (I was only reminded of this when I was on Braig's kh wiki page the other day and saw his name was originally Bleig in english lmaooo.)
YES! D: And that Roxas/Axel scene at the Clock Tower you described inside the wall of text, I laughed at the comic and I really wish they kept it. :[ I think it was supposed to be a parallel, then again it was Sora who said that line in the KHII ending. That reminds me. Do I really have to put that in spoilers? It's been ages since KHII was released. But it was also the last line in the first game's secret ending ([Another side, Another story...]) with Kairi's school uniform all prehistoric! I think. So I really believe they should have kept the line. But yeah, they have done some of this in the past, although to a lesser degree. And Bleig, really? XDD

Originally Posted by Lightning View Post
As I told him: I can't really judge him because if they ever do this with KH, they will get all of my money. All of it. As if they haven't already.

Though, I guess I sort of can judge him a bit because if XIII-2 is successful with this DLC business model, you just know they're gonna apply it to all their games.
Please don't make them do this with KH! Especially not KHIII! I will die. D:

That's why they're not supposed to promote this sort of DLC craze. It doesn't do the games any good, it's just easy money for them. :(

Originally Posted by Lightning View Post
I could probably tell you the exact moment to turn off your TV and stop watching the end to be content. They had a perfectly good ending point (wouldn't wrap up every loose end but wouldn't be super depressing) at one time. :P
That would be great. :D And if they did, I can't believe they continued it for the heck of DLCs, I mean, don't they respect the fans enough?