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Elder Scrolls: Akatosh's Hourglass
GM'ed by Elite Killer and Westside Connection
Rated T for Teen

OOC Thread here - post sign ups and OOC information here. I will post where to find informants and information there as well.


The Land of Tamriel, which is where the Elder Scrolls series and this RP takes place, is a medival-somewhat fantasy land. The land of Tamriel is split into nine different regions, which is shown on the map here:


Also, the land of Tamriel is mostly inhabited by ten sentient species, which are the Imperials, Nords, High Elves, Wood Elves, Dark Elves, Orcs, Bretons, Redguards, Argonians and the Khajit. These species will be elaborated on later in the post.

Anyways, this RP will take place in Cyrodiil, the center region on the map. You may, during this RP have to visit other regions as part of the plot. Cyrodiil's map is here:


Elder Scrolls Wiki you can use this if you want to research more.

This RP is set fifteen years after the events of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. At this point in time, the civil war in Skyrim has not been solved, instead Stormcloaks still own the Eastern half of Skyrim, while the Imperials still control the Western half. While the Skyrim Civil War is in a cease fire, another Revolution is happening, this time in Morrowwind. This Revolution, called the Dunmer Resistance, is being led by Evin Liyal, a noble who tried for peaceful seperation of Morrowind from the Argonian state, but when that failed, Evin launched full rebellion. Also, the tensions between the Cyrodiilic Empire and the Aldmeri Dominion continue to escalate, and there has been skirmishes along the borders already.

Akatosh has forever been revelled by the people of Tamriel as the God of Time, and as the Chief Deity of the Divines. Akatosh is worshipped in temple and shrines all over Tamriel. Akatosh's relevance as the God of Time has led to a spike in activity in a recent discovery made in the Valus Mountains, which are on the Cyrodiil/Morrowind borders. This discovery, made by fleeing Dark Elf rebels, indicated the existence of a relic called Akatosh's Hourglass. This Hourglass is supposed to give the wielder the power to control time and gives the wielder unlimited power, in essence giving the wielder the powers of Akatosh. As you can see, there is a lot of reason to be interested in this relic. This discovery of a once in a life-time power has drawn all the military, political and cultural interest to the Hourglass.

You, as the roleplayer, are a tamrielic citizen either living in Cyrodiil or heading to Cyrodiil. Your intent is to track and locate the Hourglass, either following or discarding any morals. You may be apart of a faction looking for the Hourglass, or you may be independent looking for the Hourglass for personal means. While you are searching for this valuable hourglass, military tensions continue to rise and this hourglass may be the push that knocks Tamriel into full-scale war.


  1. Standard RP Corner and PC rules Apply
  2. Westside Connection and I are the GM's and we make the final decisions.
  3. This RP is rated T for violence, slight romance (nothing too serious) and blood (nothing too graphic)
  4. No God-modding, Bunnying (unless approved),one-liners and powerplaying
  5. NPC's are okay, no over doing it
  6. Keep the RP realistic
  7. As of now, only the GM's know the location of the Hourglass, we will not RP as if our characters know, and your characters will not know at the start.
  8. Max of three characters per one species

SU Info:


As mentioned, there are ten races in Tamriel, here they are.









High Elves (Altmer):


Wood Elves (Bosmer):



Argonians are very stealthy, which makes them good assassins and thieves. They are quite adept at the stealth arts. Argonians can also breathe underwater, which makes them suited for their homeland of Black Marsh. Argonians are more resistant to diseases than other species.

(Couldn't find a picture explanantion)

Dark Elves (Dunmer):



Orcs are fierce and tribal warriors from Orsinium. Orcs are skilled with all combat skills and are excellent fighters. Orcish smiths are amongst the best in Tamriel. Orcs are very strong. They mostly keep to themselves in small strongholds that dot Tamriel.



Note: The "Special Race" powers, such as the Nords "battlecry" are not available in the same effect in this RP.


There are 7 types of classes in this RP, mostly based on the series' classes and here they are:


Warriors are skilled combat users who mostly fight with swords, axes, maces and warhammers. Warriors are the best there is at Melee combat, which makes warriors great soldiers. Warriors also are adept at using bows, although bowmanship is not their strength. Warriors are also skilled at smithing, which helps them make the armour they use.

Recommended races for this class: Nords, Orcs, Redguards, Imperials


Archers are extremely skilled at using bows, being the best there is at using bows of all kinds. Archers can also use lighter weapons like war axes and one-handed swords, although their true strength lies in the bow. Archers also have honed sneak skills, which allow them to sneak into a good shooting spot

Recommended races for this class: Wood Elves, Khajiit, Redguards, Nords


Battlemages are suited for magic as well as combat. Battlemages can use a spell just as well as they can swing a weapon. Battlemages can smith weapons as well as give them magical enchantments. Battlemages can create potions and poisons to turn the tide of battle.

Recommended races for this class: Dark Elves, High Elves, Imperials, Bretons


Mages are highly skilled users of magic, and use magic to their advantage. Mages can cast all kinds of spells known. Mages use magic for both offense and defence in battle situations. Mages can create potions and poison, as well they can give items magical enchantments.

Recommended races for this class: High Elves, Bretons, Dark Elves, Imperials


Thieves are very stealthy and are masters at sneaking. Thieves can quickly pick a lock, pick someone's pocket, and sneak away flawlessly. People who are thieves are usually cast into criminal society. Thieves also have some combat and magic skills, although those skills aren't too prevalent in thieves.

Recommended races for this class: Khajit, Argonians, Wood Elves, Dark Elves


Assassins are very skilled in the stealthy arts, and are skilled at the practice of the sneaky. Assassins also are advanced in combat with smaller weapons like daggers and swords, and also are skilled with bows. Assassins can easily stay out of sight from others until they make the perfect strike. Assassin's also are very quick on their feet.

Recommended races for this class: Khajiit, Argonians, Wood Elves, Dark Elves


Merchants are the master of trade, and can efficiently barter or bribe there way out of situations. Merchants can influence people with words better than other classes. Merchants also are knowledgeable about smithing and Alchemy, which they use for profits. Merchants can also defend themselves with a smaller weapon if necessary.

Recommended races for this class: Imperials, Bretons, High Elves, Nords

SU Form:

Name: (What is your character's name, make it sound like a name that fits your species)
Gender: (Male or Female)
Age: (16+)
Species: (One of the ten, no mixed breeds)
Class: (One of the 7 above)
Appearance: (What does your character look like? Pictures are acceptable)
Personality: (How does your character act? What are their traits? Likes and dislikes? Opinions?)
History: (Your character's history up to now, include why they are looking for Hourglass)

Accepted Characters:

  • Elite Killer as Ulrich Gondyctor (Breton Merchant)
  • EGK Kangaroo as Felix Veturius (Imperial Mage)
  • WestsideConnection as Thorsten the Powerful (Nord Warrior)
  • Godzil as Haj-Julan (Argonian Archer)
  • XLegionXX as Dar'Kovu (Khajiit Assassin)
  • Rokusasu as Neela-Fa (Argonian Assassin)
  • Machomuu as Ethan Kade (High Elf Mage)



First Post:

For your first post, you as the characters will post about going to Cheydinhal, in Northeastern Cyrodiil. You may start in Cyrodiil or another region, yet your goal is to get to Cheydinhal, where the two Dark Elves that found the stone tablet are hiding out. Once some of you get there, I will post an update about more places to go. At the start of your posts, could you please state your character's name and location.

Ulrich Gondyctor - Silent Claw Tavern, Riverhold, Elsweyr

Ulrich quietly sat in the Tavern, waiting for the smugglers to show up. Ulrich sipped on some wine, although the wine was sour, it gave Ulrich a false impression of cooling down in the hot, dry Elsweyr. Ulrich grew impatient, ever growing tired of all those damn cats. Ulrich finished his goblet was empty of wine, So Ulrich reclined in his chair, and relaxed. The smugglers would get here, Ulrich assured himself. Ulrich had slowly dozed off, and was woken up to a commotion. Ulrich concealed his face and peeked outside. A group of Imperial Agents had arrested the smugglers right in the middle of the city, and the Imperials were surrounded by Thalmor troops, along with the Khajiit guard. Ulrich picked up on the conversation going on.

" We were here to pick up an Ulrich Gondyctor," One of the smugglers yelled in fear.

Ulrich could tell that the Imperials remembered that name.

" Tell me where he is," an Imperial asked.

Ulrich snuck back into the tavern, and exited the back door. Right outside, there was a horse, tied up. Ulrich had something against stealing, but he would die if he didn't. So Ulrich mounted the horse and quietly entered a small dip in the ground near by. Ulrich rushed the horse and it went. Ulrich rode about five-hundred meters away from the Tavern, and looked back. Ulrich saw the Imperials out back and pointing at Ulrich. The Imperials mounted their horses and began chasing Ulrich. Ulrich mushed his horse, making it go faster and run away from the Imperials. Ulrich was heading north, not the best idea, but the Hourglass was going to be his. Ulrich quickly saw the Cyrodiil border, and rode faster towards it. Upon examination, Ulrich saw a large stone barricade between The Thalmor territory and the Imperial territory. Ulrich rode up against the wall, and saw the Imperials approaching quickly. Ulrich stood up on his horse, and jumped over the barricade. Ulrich looked around and began sprinting on foot. Ulrich had lost sight of the Imperials, which meant that they didn't jump the wall. Ulrich kept sprinting, never running so hard in his life. His heart was beating faster then his feet moved. Ulrich kept sprinting at his maximum speed for twenty solid minutes, feeling the adrenaline flowing through his bloodstream. Ulrich finally found a small rock-overhang to rest in. Ulrich laid down under the over-hang, and took a minute to breath. Ulrich relaxed, and fell asleep.
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