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Pokemon Crystal Hard Way Around is a leader edited hack.
As we know Pokemon Crystal is one of the best GBC games it had some backdrops like Gym Leaders with not proper pokemon of their type or with no proper attacks, the same with Elite 4.
So I decided to make a new game with all Gym pokemon changed, with high level & good attacks.

Hack Details

Hack of: Pokémon Crystal
Hack Name: Pokémon Crystal-Hard Way Around


Trainer teams changed
Gym Leaders teams edited
Elite Fours team edited
Rivals team edited
Whole game difficulty on a higher level
Kanto starters
Rival gets Johto starter weak to the players starter as well as a secret pokemon


Prof. Elm says names of johto startes rather than kanto



Some Pokemon Changes in Gym Leaders Party

Pokemon Crystal-Hard Way Around.ips
Pokemon Crystal-Hard Way Around (Johto Starters).ips
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