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    Originally Posted by Eifie View Post
    Hi everyone,

    This is my first time posting here, I actually joined PC to be a member of this club, as I love shinies!

    I'll tell you a little bit of my story (shiny-wise). Well, my first shiny was on Crystal, a cute purple Nidoran F that I found in the National Park. Ever since I tried REing other shinies but with no luck. She was my only shiny.

    Later on, I learned how to RNG shinies in Platinum. I bred a lot of shinies this way, but lately I got tired of it. It's not fun anymore, and by discovering this club I realized that obtaining shinies can be fun, if you hunt them. :)

    Well, that's about it! I'm not sure which pokémon I'd like to focus on, I'll probably try the Masuda Method on White for an Eevee, and Soft Reset for Bill's one in HeartGold.
    Welcome to the club! Just a quick tip: I'd recommend Soft Resetting for it instead of breeding. Eevee take forever to hatch, and it gets really annoying after a while.
    Originally Posted by Sakura Rain View Post



    no pics right now because my camera is currently MIA. Buuuut he's hardy (ick) with the characteristic of "Likes to thrash about" and relatively superior potential. his best IV is Attack. The nature's really the only icky thing about him, but I can totes work with it. asdfjkl this is fantastic

    god that was at least 1000 eggs -dies-
    Originally Posted by Chr. Draco View Post
    ok, here is the picture of the fire/bug type volcarona:
    Attachment 64482

    it's not easy to take good pictures when pokemon moves too much.

    well cya later guys.
    Originally Posted by xSkullKing16x View Post
    Hey, well I'd love to join this club! I just started hunting for shinies about a month ago, actually. Sadly, I have no shinies, but I will start hunting. G, congrats on that Spirtomb. I would say it looks awesome, but I can hardly see it from that potato of yours. (Jk!) So anyways, I'm here!
    Originally Posted by miloticfan54 View Post
    When two minds are one... This happens... (Well, generally, I would've posted a pic here, but........ My cam's just outta battery...)

    I hired my friend to hunt for a shiny Larvesta for me while I hunted too, so that's practically increase my chances... And lo! I (he got it) was surprised to find out it hatched this morning... Everstone DIDN'T work which is why I wanna sob at seeing it's Quiet Nature... Ah well, this is the last MM for this summer that I'm doing... I'm honestly tired now and I just wanna enjoy my summer before it ends... I'll start MMing again when B/W2 arrives or when I get my first semestral break for this school year...

    *inwardly* BOOM!!! SHINY LARVESTAAAAAA!!!! (Can't think clearly at all)

    Johto starters: 186
    Giratina: 800
    Poochyena: 109
    Croagunk: 033
    Don't think I've hunted since my last update, but there are the numbers anyway :P
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