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Originally Posted by Iceman3317 View Post
In the video it is a city for sure,but as I look in the game,I can't tell what city it is. The whole city,buildings/trees all of it has a thin layer of ice on them. With the trees not being dead. I think the area may have been frozen solid and we will be able to unfreeze it after the storyline.

The closest city I can match it with is Straiton City or Accumula Town
Hmm, I dunno. Maybe we'll still be able to walk in the frozen areas, and only a few parts will be solid frozen and blocked. The male protagonist as seen in the trailer, is running in the areas (isn't he afraid of slipping?!) so it may be possible.
Originally Posted by ShadowStriatonTriad View Post
My question is why is half of Unova frozen? I don't mind at all, because I personally love Ice, but could this be the doing of Team Vanillite? Does this explain why there are Pokemon from other regions in Unova? I don't know, but I'm excited!!!
I'm pretty sure it might have to do with the evil team organization and Black/White Kyurem.

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