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    Chapter 4 – Preserias – God District

    "For your sake, I do hope you are right. Well perhaps not you personally. Your... Employees then,"

    Preserias looked over at Daiki due to the wording of the comment. Nobody used the term "Employee" anymore, except when you were of the same status of the person you were talking about. The angel let it slide, believing that the humans had different definitions for everything. He was most likely speaking about the servants that catered to the guests of the ship.

    Preserias did not check on Daiki until they had gotten to their destination. He wasn't at all interested in what the human's reaction was like to the fancy cruise ship. Not only because he didn't own it, but because it had nothing to do with the task at hand. He, however, spotted the slightest flex of the man's fist, and sat up a little taller in his seat. Daiki certainly didn't appear to be the violent type, but looks could be deceiving. Just look at Bernkastel. Nobody expected a fourteen-year-old girl to have such immense power to override all the young adults.

    And, he listened. He listened politely to what Daiki had to say in response to his questions. He did not interrupt, and gave the man his full attention. All government officials, no matter from what district, had to have a sense of silence within themselves. The ability to listen to someone other than themselves, unlike those from the pre-supernatural age.

    "This is often what garners most of people's attention."

    The focus was set on the small orb of light in the human's hand. How peculiar... Though there were some human wizards in the district, many only had one of the four main elements. Light was rarity. Even for angels, the amount of light-magic users were not higher than any other element. This was quite sad if you really thought about it; more void magic than light.

    "You would be suprised at what may be deemed undesirable in the God's land, Daiki. There has been a Human winner in the past eight years, so your chances are not as feeble as you say." His hands threaded together in thought. "I would like to see your skills of the sword sometime before the boat arrives in the new land. Cooking is an excellent skill to have as not to poison yourself. I cannot say how many times I've seen even angels fall from having improperly cooked the squirrel at fire, or the vampires whom drink the blood of the diseased."

    "Your light is perhaps your best asset. If you can keep this talent between us, it will become a valuable tool in startling your opponents. Though I cannot name the offensive purposes of this magic off the top of my head, I can say that defense is more needed than attack at times. I am impressed that someone of your age has the ability to manipulate this energy."

    "As you had said to have kept yourself updated... To who do you suppose you can make an alliance with before the Games begin?"

    Chapter 4 – Venius Cloud – God District

    The reaction was to be expected. Raike didn't exactly seem to like Venius at the moment. The God watched with curious eyes as Raike strategically cut up the egg patties into neat rectangular pieces. He continued to study this behavior with a growing interest; not at all bothered that Raike ate and left none. What was more concerning was the lack of mess from such a fast feast of breakfast. Even Gods weren't as tidy as this human. It was peculiar.

    "On the contrary, Raike." He smiled and leaned back. "You have manners. You just don't express them towards other people. You certainly respect your area and food enough not to make a mess. That is admirable. Then again, it's not like this is an eating competition. It'll definitely be amusing to watch how you care for your food in the Games."

    "Of course you wouldn't tell your strategies. I've only seen a few people in my life who were too confident and stupid to throw it all there." Venius gazed back down at his drink. "I suppose you don't need much help with the interview itself. It's very brief, and only a few questions may be asked. Perhaps your best bet would be to show your humor. Amuse the Goddesses. Most Gods, in my opinion, are boring. They wouldn't mind a human with some spice and flare."

    He grinned, and chuckled lightly at Raike's impression of an old-time truck driver. Well, the boy was certainly humorous. Venius doubted he would have trouble making the audience laugh. Laughter was good, because it meant he could entertain them simply with words and harmless gestures.

    With a flick of his wrist, he flipped his fork, and stabbed a piece of freshly cut strawberry. "It also helps that you're not humble. I suppose we can work without any sort of alliance with the others." He didn't react to them being called prisoners. The young God only reacted to the sudden sheilds that stopped him from seeking out Raike's thoughts. The reaction was a flinch, then another fruit stab. It gave way to a light headache. He rarely had this sort of issue among others. Only those literally more powerful than he, could block out his ability. Not very many people trained their mind as well as their body. How interesting...

    "Yeesh. Relax. it's not like the changes will be permanent, either. Nothing fruity. I swear." He took a sip of water. "Really, I was going to have you go as is, with some minor changes. I am wanting to make a replica of your boots. This replica will burn your footprints into the flooring temporarily. It will give the impression of danger. Goddesses like dangerous, rebellious men." He smirked. "Any objections?"

    Chapter 4 – Amasus - Ryuu's Opponent
    (Pronouced: Ah-mA-s-uh-s)

    (To Be Editted)
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