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Lessee... big epic fantasy movies?

If you want something 80s-tastic (with the limited scale of epic-ness you get with that decade) you have Willow (which is more adventure-y, less epic), Labyrinth (more magical, not much action or epic stuff), The Dark Crystal (a certain level of epic scale, done all with puppets), Highlander (can't really remember how this one goes but I'm pretty sure it's got sword fighting). Somehow, I get the vibe these aren't quite what you're looking for though.

What else? There's a 2000s movie called Reign of Fire in which dragons have taken over the world, or something. I heard it wasn't that good and I haven't seen it. For other movies in that kind of action/adventure area there's Beowulf, Prince of Persia, and 300, (all of which I haven't seen, can't personally recommend). There's also Gladiator and Troy for recent-ish swords-and-sandals type movies about high adventure in Greco-Roman times. (I can't speak to these personally either.)

If you don't mind stretching out into foreign films you'll probably find some good martial arts movies like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon or Hero.