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    Originally Posted by vanillagfx View Post
    What number in movement positions on AM do you use when jumping off a hill?
    It's different, depending on whether or not you use RSE or FRLG. If FRLG, use these:

    #raw 0x14 = Jump2 Down
    #raw 0x15 = Jump2 Up
    #raw 0x16 = Jump2 Left
    #raw 0x17 = Jump2 Right

    if RSE, use these:

    #raw 0x0C = Jump2 Down
    #raw 0x0D = Jump2 Up
    #raw 0x0E = Jump2 Left
    #raw 0x0F = Jump2 Right

    Originally Posted by Lord_Blade View Post
    'Ello. I have just started my first ROM hack and I am learning the ropes quite well. I do have two questions, however. These are:

    1. In Pokemon Fire Red, how can I make it so that there are only two starters (I have A-Starter)?
    A-map is hardly necessary in Firered, because the starter Pokemon aren't contained in some kind of special, like in RSE. Just use A-Map to go to Prof Oaks lab, and click on the Pokeball events. All you have to do is delete one of those, and you have two starters

    Originally Posted by Lord_Blade View Post
    2. In the same version, how do I start with the National Dex rather than the Regional Dex?

    I am sorry if these questions seem stupid, but could someone please assist me? Thanks in advance.
    Special 0x16F activates the National Dex.

    I think I'm done with ROM hacking. I'll still pop in and visit, though.