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Originally Posted by Mallowigi View Post
How can I debug from here when I don't know the actual offset of this screen? Like I said, whenever I manually stop (without breakpointing since I don't know where to put the bp) the pc is all the time around 080008aa, which is the loop when nothing happens (I think), therefore I have no clue about what routine is called that loaded the current screen.

Only thing that I know is that routines start with b0f5 (push r4-r7,lr) and are preceded by a pointer. But there are tons of them, and when I try to modify the pointer to the naming screen (1303B5), most of the times nothing happened since it is not the good place.
What I meant in the message above is to find a pointer to "Hello, welcome to the world of Pokemon..." message, use a assembly editor to find where that code starts, perhaps a pointer to it and where that assembly code is called from etc.

You can of course use a debugger instead of assembly editor (which is way more user-friendly).

I don't know what you're really trying to accomplish here though; are you trying to find the code which calls the intro sequence when pressed A when "NEW GAME" is chosen or what?
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