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Still adding some finishing touches, and I haven't edited the town yet.
So... Not really.
And with the D/N feature: I've stableized the the D/Nit from one of my solo hacks.
Still working on seasons.
The problem with the D/N is that if you are playing while it changes, it gets all messed up until you engage in a battle of some kind.
The problem with Seasons is that I cant get the tilesets to change. That has to do with tileing-not the feature.
But the RTC is perfect.

I got the first "beta" of the new forest ready:

I could use some constructive criticism - especially sinc I know you have a ton.
belive me, I'd be surprised if there was any 1 member that had less the 2 suggestions
well... here it is:

but it will look better with some new tiles, I'm sure.
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