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Hey there guys. I have recently decided to create my own Pokemon game. However I am still new to all of this, so I would like a team of people so that we can work together to create a great game. I myself am good at storyline and im ok at making maps.

Some spots we need filled on the team-
-Artists- Create fakemon. ( I always wanted to make a game with custom pokemon)
-Map builders- These would work with me to get the maps made.
-Storyline- people who would work on the story line with myself.
-Scripting- This is my biggest downfall as when it comes to scripting my mind is blank. We will need a scripter if we want this game to work out.

If anyone is interested, please post here or PM me. You do not have to be a pro, as I myself am no where near pro. Just be able to communicate with others, and have the slightest skill in one of the things I mentioned earlier.

Thank you for reading!