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    It didn't take Lincoln very long to make his way up into the mountains, familair with that type of terrain from years of hiking. He was fully prepared for just about any type of pokemon you could expect to encounter in this sort of location, but the one he wanted to find was possibly the most common... sods law would dictate it would be extremely difficult to find, then.

    As he made his way further into the mountainous region Linc made sure to collect a handful of small rocks as he travelled, cradling them in his right hand. Whenever he passed near a particularly large boulder he would nudge it with his foot, or toss one of his rocks at it experimentally. Geodude could often pass for simple rocks when they wanted to blend in, or even when they were just resting. If he didn't check every rock of the right size as he passed he could walk straight past an entire huddle of Geodude without realising.

    From a distance he spotted a fairly suspicious rock balanced on top of a formation and chucked one of his pebbles at it. It struck true, but bounced off without fanfare or effect.

    "I'm totally gonna be up here for, like, ever..." He muttered, turning away and setting off in a new direction. After just a few paces however a sharp pain exploded on the back of his head, eliciting a few swear words from him as he put his hand to the offending spot and turning around.

    Someone or something had thrown a rock back at him, but there was no sign of either other people or any wild pokemon. Just the same rock formation with the suspicious rock nestled in a wedge about halfway down... wait...

    Hadn't it been at the top just a second ago? Yeah, he thought maybe it had been... Taking aim Lincoln threw another pebble at it, once again hitting his target dead on with seemingly no result. Shrugging (perhaps a little too nonchalantly) he turned away and took a step in another direction, before quickly spinning around to face the rock formation again.

    There, right where that suspicious rock had been, was a Geodude with a stone in its hand and its arm pulled back to throw it. Lincoln and the Geodude stared each other down, the rock type clearly caught red handed.

    "Dude..." Linc murmured, astounded that he had found the pokemon he was after so quickly.
    "Dude." Responded Geodude. Because he couldn't say a whole lot else.

    Nika Valentine

    As the explosion died away Nika turned back to the battlefield, straighening out her posture. There was Spider, passed out from the power of the combined move. Weakness to fire was the bane of every bug type specialist the world over.

    Maxwell's Quilava was still standing, which was hardly good news, but then again it didn't seem to be in great shape anyway. Just as Nika was about to call Spider back to her pokeball the Quilava cried out, apparently suffering from the after effects of the encounter with Spider, so much so that Maxwell was forced to recall it. Well, things were looking up... next he would use his Slakoth, notoriously lazy pokemon, which might just give her the ed-...

    ...a Tympole. A water type. And since she had used Eve earlier in the battle, that was the only pokemon she was allowed to use. She would suffer incredible damage from the Stealth Rock, then be weak against the attacks of this water type.

    I lost this battle the instant he used Stealth Rock. But I won't allow myself to be bullied by this boy.

    Calling Spider back to her Quick Ball and depositing it inside her bag Nika withdrew Eve's pokeball once again, releasing the Larvesta back onto the battlefield. The instant she did so, one of the Stealth Rocks rushed up from under the earth, striking Eve and sending her crashing into one of the previous rocks that was jutting up from the ground.

    "Veeeesta~!" She cried out, slowly getting back up onto all of her legs. The attack had been just as devastating as Nika had expected.

    Nika glanced around the area. It was time to see if this boy was as easily distracted as he seemed to be, and if it would help gain the edge she needed so badly in this battle.

    "You don't think to check if your girlfriend is uninjured after an explosion? Leech Life."

    Eve rocked backwards and bunched herself up before springing forward, flying towards the Tympole with the intention of biting it and draining its energy. Recovering some health with Leech Life was the only way they were even going to have a chance of winning this battle. As it was, one well placed attack and they were finished.

    Jackson (Male Shieldon) Lvl 24: Toxic, Sandstorm, Protect, Iron Head, Stealth Rock, Dig
    Ability: Sturdy

    Bixi (Female Tirtouga) Lvl 24: Crunch, Aqua Tail, Sandstorm, Ice Beam, Stone Edge, Iron Defense
    Ability: Solid Rock

    Siege (Male Geodude) Lvl 22: Defense Curl, Attract, Rock Polish, Rock Throw, Magnitude, Roll Out
    Ability: Rock Head
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