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    Rama snorted. "You wish ice king." He scratched behind one ear, looking amused. "Skye sent me because we can't leave Volca or you unattended without one of you getting into trouble." The words were calm, almost amused. He plopped himself by Bri's feet, doodling with a claw. "Ms OCD and the lovestruck kitty went to look for green and huffy and I'm guessing that's where your pink ball went too. They're probably fine." He wasn't too concerned if they were but the kid's sorrowful face was just annoying.

    Why do stuff like that, be depressed? Why not just sneer or laugh it off? It got the same end anyway. Hm? He paused, sniffing the air. "Huh... why do I smell that Psycho kid?" He meant Psychic but no one got away from his barbing tongue, not even Ciel.


    Ciel had slowed his pace now but his senses were still on high alert. Whatever was following him, it wasn't being very subtle about it. It padded after him, rather childishly if he thought about it. Hmm... maybe he was looking at this wrong. He stopped walking, listening to the bouncy pawsteps behind him. Was it just bored or something? Weird... He relaxed a bit, allowing Brie to force his front paws over his arm. Brie yipped at him, calm again.

    The sound of a walking Pokemon grew closer and a pink and white kitten slowly appeared on the path. "Ski-Skitty?" he uttered. The creature mewed delightedly at him and Ciel gaped. "It's... it's so cute..." Ciel had a major weakness for cute things, Pokemon in particular. It meowed at him again, padding up to sniff his shoes. Before Ciel could kneel to pet it, one of his Pokeballs burst open. "Huh..." Ciel's team didn't usually do that, except Kinko but she was asleep!

    Out came, of all things, a Cubone. It clutched its weapon in one hand and shook it threateningly at the Skitty. "Back off you thieving jerk!"

    Skitty huffed and drew itself up to its full height, which wasn't much. It looked possibly affronted at the insult. "Thieving? I am anything but a thief! Don't compare me to those disgusting Purrloin! They have no class!"

    Cubone glowered and jabbed the creature in the nose, causing the kitten to tumble backwards onto its paws. "Yeah right toots. And my mother's gonna grow back outta this skull. You cats are nothing but manipulative little footsores! Well you ain't gettin' this human."

    Ciel looked between the two Pokemon. "Um... I... er..." He was getting flustered. He didn't even remember getting this Pokemon. His back began to hurt. Did he strain himself already? Ciel reached out to stop them before remembering he was still carrying an Absol. The Skitty glowered and charged toward his Cubone. Ciel nearly fell when avoiding the attack, Cubone casually slapping the kitten's assault.

    "Weak too," he commented smugly.

    Ash and ???

    Ash raised an eyebrow. Why would she go bother Drake? Just because she knew he was here didn't mean they were just gonna meet up and chat about old times. He was probably still a bit too sore for that anyway. Not that she wasn't but... eh, he tended to take loss a lot harder than she did. "My friend here is more important," she replied with a crooked grin, casually gesturing to the girl. "Someone needs to keep the dead company."

    "Yeah Rotom gets boring after a while," the girl told them cheerfully. "And why should I care what mood you're in?" She was honestly curious. Did this guy think that she was entitled to be concerned about him in any way?

    "Besides," Ash added. "This place is nice and quiet. Perfect to get things done."
    "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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