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    Genevieve Molyneux

    Genevieve had taken a book written by Professor Juniper's friend Fennel about Pokemon Dreams. She had been given the book as a present once she left her internship at the lab. The book was interesting and she was about half way through it looking up every once and awhile to see how the battle was going feeling proud of her boyfriend. As she looked back at her book though she heard an explosion and looked up covering her eyes. It seemed that Quillie's Eruption attack had collided with Joltik's Electroweb and had caused an explosion. Smiling her eyes lit up with fascination as she put the book down and grabbed her folder full of notes making notes of all she had seen in the battle on a clean sheet of paper. However it was Nika's comment that made her stop writing after Maxwell sent Katam out and Nika her Larvesta. "You don't think to check if your girlfriend is uninjured after an explosion? Leech Life."

    Frowning Genevieve called out angrily "Hey! Don't try to distract him like that!" she narrowed her eyes at the other girl before looking at Maxwell her expression softening. "I'm fine Max, just focus on your battle"

    Rosalyn Smith

    Rosalyn smiled as Jimmy sent Smokey out and she let Belle out the Togetic letting out a happy chirp and flying around both Rosalyn and Jimmy before staying next to Rosalyn. She had sent out Belle because she was planning on using the Togetic if she managed to find the Pokemon she wanted. The two teens made it to the beach and Rosalyn smiled more unable to resist the temptation to take her shoes off to walk across the sand. "You coming?" she asked looking back at her friend.

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