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    Maxwell Leggingsteele
    Academy Grounds ---> Oak Town

    This was it. Both Maxwell and Nika had one Pokémon left to use, the battle was coming to a close and the victor would recieve Shinobi the Weedle. He watched as Eve the Larvesta entered the battlefield and got pummeled by the Stealth Rocks. This stratedgy had of course worked other times before, but not as good as this time. However, he chose to not underestimate Nika even though the odds looked pretty grim for her. She was a calm and competent battler, those were often the most dangerous ones. But he was determined to win this an-


    Nika's words alarmed Maxwell, what if something had happened to her?! But as he was about to turn around, his girlfriend's angry tone rung out saying that she was fine!

    Wait a minute... Nika had tried to distract him! Oooohh that was a dirty move! But that split-second of worry made it too late for Maxwell to tell Katam to dodge.

    Katam watched terrified as Eve bit down on him with her fangs. He could feel Eve draining him with Leech Life, that was kinda parasitic if you thought about it... Although he didn't take THAT much damage from the attack, Katam let out a pained yelp. Much like Wilson had done when he was defeated by Spider the Joltik.

    However, it was pretty stupid of Nika to use a move that required her Larvesta to get close to Maxwell's Tympole. This meant that he pretty much had a sure shot at hitting her! And even if Eve was a really fast bug, she wouldn't be able to get that far away from him in some micro seconds.

    "Katam! Use Bubblebeam!" Maxwell exclaimed. The Tympole obliged happily, a forceful stream of bubbles shot out from the tadpole's mouth. Hopefully they would knock the Larvesta back a few feet.
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