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Daniel nodded his head a little and continued watching the fight quietly. After a little while, the Pokémon on both sides had changed, and there were more people coming to watch the battle. He glanced around himself and gave Mark’s shoulder a little pat.
“This is getting a little crowded, I’ll head off to town. Wanna stay and watch, or come with?”

Alexis looked up at Len as he sat down next to her before looking back at the fight, rather interested in the way these Pokémon fought. She had always liked watching others’ battles, because she felt she could learn and become stronger by watching others fight.
She glanced towards Len again, thoughts swirling around in her mind, questions and doubts. After a few moments, she inched closer to him and leaned slightly against his side, her eyes locked on the fight, however, her tail lowering down behind her to poke the tip of the bolt against the ground, the grass here becoming very faintly scorched.
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