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    Jimmy Vincent

    Jimmy frowned and sighed. He saw Kaida was very happy playing in the waves, and Rosalyn seemed happy as well. Howver, he didn't like it much, or at least his mind didn't allow him to like being there. Rosalyn then told him about Smokey giving off some weird smoke. That's when he realised...Smokey smelled nicer than usual! Why was that? Before he could say something about it, a Magikark bounced towards Jimmy and hit him in the chest.

    The poor fish probably didn't mean to hit the boy, but it made him angry. The boy grabbed the fish, and glared at it, while the fish looked at Jimmy with the same blank look on its face that a Magikarp usually has. Upset that such a stupid-looking Pokémon dared to hit him, he hurled the fish towards the shallow water. The fish was hurt, no doubt, and it started splashing about.

    "Humph, how useless..." Jimmy mumbled, "Smokey, tackle him away."

    Smokey obeyed and as Magikarp jumped, hit him and sent him flying back towards the sea.

    "That oughtta teach him." Jimmy barked.

    After that, Smokey felt the energy inside of him increasing even more. He smiled and started to glow white. Its shape started to change, although Jimmy, having been blinded by the light, couldn't see it. It seemed like the Koffing had split into two, and that both spheres were fusing together.

    By the time the light faded, there was no longer a Koffing, but what appeared to be the combination of two Koffing that people usually call Weezing.

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