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”TMs? Hmh... maybe I should look into that.” He shrugged a little, smiling as he took a few steps away from the battle, along the road towards Oak Town once more, looking back at Alexis, a smile spreading on his lips as he saw the two. “Come on Alexis, we’re heading off! We can go watch a battle later.”

Alexis followed the battle for a little longer, her ears twitching a little as Len spoke. She turned her head to look up at him, smiling a little. “Hmh? Nothing much, just enjoying the battle. It’s always fun to watch others battle, don’t you think so?”

She seemed just about to say something more to him, but was interrupted as Daniel called out for her. She sighed a little and lifted a paw to give Len’s back a little stroke. “Come on, let’s get going! We’re almost there!”
She raised up on all four and rushed over to Daniel’s side before they both walked off towards Oak Town, Daniel glancing back to make sure Mark was following up as well.
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