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    Nika Valentine

    Nika smiled as the distraction worked, at least partially. The Leech Life was executed succesfully and Eve seemed to regain some of her vigour. If only the girlfriend hadn't decided to interject herself perhaps they would have had time for a follow-up attack but there was no sense thinking about what could have been. They would have to attack strong to be in with a chance.

    When Maxwell commanded a Bubble Beam Nika knew that the battle was all but done. Eve could probably take one hit from it and stay standing, but another hit from any attack after that and she wouldn't be able to carry on. With no moves of their own that would be particularly effective against the water type Tympole victory was out of their grasp.

    I will not give up. I will not be downtrodden.

    "Eve. Take Down, please."

    It was the most polite command she had given to any of her pokemon throughout the battle, usually just stating the name of the move to be executed and nothing more. Eve hesitated for a split second before throwing herself recklessly through the bubbles, each one popping as it struck her, and towards the Tympole.

    Eve would have taken a considerable amount of damage from the Bubble Beam, but carried on towards Tympole for a full body slam. Nika watched Eve with pride as she carried out a move that would knock her out from the recoil damage.

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