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    Maxwell Leggingsteele
    Academy Grounds ---> Oak Town

    This was it. No it was even more it than before. Eve the Larvesta was knocked back by the Bubblebeam, but she wasn't knocked out. Maxwell watched as Nika, very politely, commanded her Larvesta to use Take Down. Gulp. That move was really devestating if it was used by a Pokémon such as Larvesta, who had more power than most unevolved Pokémon.

    It looked like Eve didn't even care anymore about what was gonna' happen, she just wanted one last shot in on the opponent. Maxwell smiled, such determination could not be stopped easily. If the Larvesta didn't faint from exhaustment after using that move... Well, then he had lost. But Maxwell... was contempt with that, he truly was. At least Shinobi would get a good trainer.


    Katam was smacked right in the face by Eve's Take Down. The poor little Pokémon soared, not so gracefully, through the air. The Tympole's horror ended, or got worse, when he crashed right into Maxwell's face at full speed. Going out with grace? Not accomplished. The brown-haired teen fell over and landed on his back, followed by the cry of a Slakoth.

    He slowly sat up, rubbing his back and looked at Katam. The Water-type was lying in his lap. He looked at Maxwell with a smile and vibrated his cheeks. After a few seconds had passed, he was out stone-cold. Welp. That was that he guessed.
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