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    Jimmy Vincent

    "The stupid fish had it coming to'm!"

    Jimmy frowned as well. He could see that Rosalyn was mad at him for some reason, the reason being that he was violent to that Magikarp. She seemed to think what he did was completely uncalled for, and she was right. There was no need for the poor fish to suffer like that. But Jimmy was not going to admit that what he did was not the right thing to do. To him, the fish attacked him first and he had all the right to hurl him. What he didn't know was that the stupid-looking fish started to evolve right after Smokey did.

    He watched as Rosalyn said that she was going to check on the poor Magikarp, when then she froze.

    "What's the matter? Ain't ya gonna help the 'poor thing'?" Jimmy growled, when he noticed a huge shadow over him. He turned to face it, and there was a huge Gyarados, glaring angrily at him and Rosalyn.

    The Atrocious Pokémon looked fierce, and it scared Jimmy a little bit. But he wasn't gonna show any feelings that showed weakness. He just glared back at the huge Pokémon, who looked like it could attack any second.

    "What are ya staring at?" he barked.

    "J-Jimmy...D-Don't..." Smokey said in a shaky voice, but Jimmy couldn't understand.

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