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Now in covered entirely in a blazing fire Raizer let out a monsterous roar before leaping into the air and spinning rapidly. Even Orion stepped back in awe at the tactic. It was either genious or cheap, but it was something.

"QUI!" (FEAR IT) Raizer bellowed.

Then like a metoer falling from the sky Raizer smashed down a sphere of fire that whistled and hissed as embers flew off. With a mighty crash Raizer collided with Chuck. The grimer was out of his league.

Raizer flew back from the reboud and landed on his feet skidding back to right infront of Isaac.

"And that's how it's done. Perfect to a tee Raizer." Isaac said, "Hope I haven't spoiled this battle. I tend to be big with my openings, and well Raizer tends to close very well."

"Well I'll tell you this... You've got some nerve. Pulling tricks like that. I mean it was impressive, but could be considered a bit much." Orion said, but not insultingly or in an anger.
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