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    Genevieve Molyneux

    Genevieve smiled watching as Maxwell thanked Nika for the battle and then came back over to her and asked what she had been doing while he battled. Grabbing his hand again she walked back over to where she had left her stuff in the shade. "I was reading at first" she said showing Maxwell the book she had been reading. "It's about Pokemon Dreams, Professor Juniper gave it to me" she smiled more and picked up her folder only to have all of her papers fall to the ground. "dangit" she muttered going to her knees trying to collect all the papers before the slight breeze could blow them away.

    Rosalyn Smith

    Rosalyn was frozen in fear staring at the Gyarados when she heard Jimmy's comment. "J-Jimmy don't" she begged but was to late. The Gyarados seemed to be even angrier at the comment and to make things worse it thought Rosalyn was the one to make it. Instead of glaring at Jimmy the Pokemon glared at Rosalyn making the girls eyes widen to afraid to move as the Gyarados roared using flamethrower sending fire at the terrified girl.

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