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    Jimmy Vincent

    Jimmy glared angrily at the Gyarados, who looked like it was getting madder and madder. The atrocious Pokémon turned his attention to the girl next to Jimmy and blasted fire out of its mouth towards her. The girl seemed to be too scared to move, and Jimmy, without thinking about it, jumped and pushed Rosalyn out of the way, getting some slight burns on his right arm and what remained on the right side of his jacket and jeans. He was lucky his face was untouched.

    "Smokey, strike'm with Psybeam!" the boy shouted before gravity put him over Rosalyn.

    Alice Crenshaw

    Academy Grounds

    Alice's eyes widened more when she saw the foe's Quilava crashing over Chuck all covered with flames like a meteor. The Grimer struggled to stay standing after that attack, but he didn't look like he would last longer.

    "O-oh, m-my...Oh sweet Arceus..." Jello said before feeling that his trainer was hugging him tighter.

    "I-I'm still standing, eh?" Grimer said, coughing up some slime, "Y-Ya think ya can take me down with th-that?"

    The poor Grimer was dragging himself across the battlefield, trying to stay standing and win for Alice. But Alice just couldn't stand seeing her Pokémon like that. And she didn't want to send out Jello after that. She just didn't want her best friend to be hurt like that. Holding the purple Solosis with one arm, he grabbed Chuck's Pokéball with her right arm, and sent the Grimer back inside of it so that he could get some rest.

    "I-I can't take it anymore. I can't stand seeing my friends hurt like that." Alice said, dropping on her knees after putting the Pokéball back on her belt, "Y-You win."

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