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    Rosalyn Smith

    Looking at Jimmy she could tell he was upset as he got off her and ended up on his knees next to her. Sitting up she brushed sand out of her hair and grabbed her bag from next to her. "I didn't mean to upset you" she said quietly. "I hope you can forgive me" she looked at him before looking back at the Gyarados as it hit Smokey with Thrash.

    Jimmy told Smokey to use Sludge on the Gyarados and the dark brown sludge hit the water/flying type poisoning it. The Gyarados roared in pain as the poison did it's damage and sent a flamethrower at Smokey.

    Rosalyn meanwhile noticed Jimmy was bleeding and took out a roll of gauze from her bag and moved closer to Jimmy. "Your bleeding" she said simply showing him the gauze. "may I?"

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