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I'd go with the Exploud, frankly none of the choices you listed were ones I'd use with that team... Vibrava's nice, but you're probably gonna be down in two or three hits from Drake's all-dragon attack force.

Hariyama is actually pretty good, but you already have Blaziken. Registeel, I really don't know, but I don't like his normal moveset.

If you don't mind me saying, you should get rid of Explosion and Fake Out. Explosion is strong, yes, but in the Elite 4 you really don't want to inflict self-harm. It really doesn't help. Fake Out is just too weak of a move to be much help, and the opponent will hit you hard on the second turn anyway.

Kadabra's Focus Punch is another thing, it doesn't hit often and Kadabra is a special attacker, not a physical.

...Have I said too much? O-O;

Also, is this for R/S or Emerald?