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Name: Selen D. Geeste

Allegiance: Plasma

Class: I'm not sure yet.....I'll edit once I make my decision. I want to be as close to Ghetsis character as possible. So I presume I need to be somewhere that I can report.

Gender: Female

Age: 37

Appearance: Selen being a stickler about her health and appearance, she strives to keep herself in as best shape as she can. A very mature looking woman, she is quite developed having a full, thick figure that she often complains about as being "too fat". She has a medium stature and dresses in flamboyant attire, often dark or pseudo-gothic in style. Her signature outfit contains web-lace bunched pantyhose stuffed into moderately adorned (with vibrant onyx and amethyst stone) cutlets, a silk with velvet fringe shaw, sleeveless shimmer velvet top with black lace, and a myriad of jewelry.

Her hair is usually kept up in a spiral spiked ponytail that is set high atop her head. Two bangs in the front are iron-board straight and dangle nearly to her waistline, cropping her face on either side. A third bang points down her nose, but stops halfway down the bridge. Her hair is an ashy blond, almost mistaken to be grey. Selen often wonders if she should dye her hair in a darker tone, as she is self-conscious that the colour will be mistaken for old-age greyness.

Every fingernail on her delicate hands are kept long, except for the pinky fingers, which have the nails clipped.

Selen's face is round and pale, almost noh-ish. Her almond shaped eyes have dark onyx irises. Both her nose and lips are relatively small, and she uses piles of make-up to plump her lips in juicy red. Her colour scheme is almost that of a traditional Geisha, although she prefers to wear a full set of lip colour. Most say that she cakes her face with make-up to hide any stray flaws, such as wrinkles or blemishes.

Species: Human

Personality: Fiercely loyal, Selen would give her very life to protect Ghetsis and his cause. She is adamant about her goals and convictions; It is often said that she is 'stubborn' or 'not easily swayed', not even by cold, hard reason or common sense. Despite her rather outlandish appearance, she is very intelligent and is one of the region's scientific geniuses. She, much like Ghetsis, views Pokemon as tools to be used to enforce ideals or to sway a situation in her favour.

Although she is a bookworm and a computer whiz, Selen can be somewhat of a Ditz when it comes to common tasks. She often forgets important things such as where she was going at the moment. Selen is also extremely superficial. Appearance is everything and she tends to take matters over the top (not only in appearance but also in other matters). She is terrified of growing old, and quick tempered if someone makes a smart comment about her age.

Besides towards Ghetsis, she appears to have no compassion towards life, in general. This does not mean that she is emotionless, as she is very dramatic in her actions and reactions; It only serves the fact that 'care' is not a common feeling she possesses. Selen also seems to appreciate the arts, and anything beautiful for that matter, including war. She has the mentality that when nothing is going on, it is "boring". She's also known to be a decent artist, and Ghetsis the subject of her studies in artistic form. She has a bit of an obsession and is rumoured to have romantic feelings for him, oblivious that he likely only has her around because she bends to his every whim and demand.

History: I'm trying to work it out. Not sure what rank I want it to be >_< What's best rank for her?

RP Sample: Coming soon as I figure out her ranking.

Notes: Unfinished, will finish sometime soon. Also: yrotS evaC

Humans also have mini-signups for their pokémon if they have any.
(Not sure if I want her to have a Pokemon)
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