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Name: Melrose Katia Avalon

Allegiance: Survivor (yrotS evaC)

Gender: female

Age: 14

Species: Eevee

Appearance: A picture speaks more than a thousand words, so here it is. I know Melrose doesn't look like an Eevee, but she's one of my main OC's.

Personality: Melrose does not know mercy. She can be kind, but only if it concerns another pokémon in need. She always goes straight for the kill and doesn't want to think over her actions. This puts her into trouble a lot. She despises humans, each and every one of them, and once somebody attacks her or even takes it under consideration, she doesn't hesitate to become violent. Before Team Plasma took over, she was quite a lovable Eevee. But the war made her cruel, sometimes others even consider her evil. There is no turning back for her, and she will do whatever it takes to get the Unova Region back on the right track.

Her determined way of living has made her skilled in almost everything she attempts to do. She wants to protect the ones she loves with all her might. The only time she ever felt bad for killing somebody was when she kidnapped and murdered a Combusken who invaded her territory. The pokémon had a little sister to take care of and went to find some medication. Melrose really feels guilty about that.

History: Melrose was born in Unova, close to Nuevema Town, and lived there under the name of Sabrina Avalon. However, she had to change her name when the war started, all for the sake of her own. Once Team Plasma took over, she became determined to get the region back in safe hands, even if it meant killing each and every person who would get in the way. She didn't care anymore.

Soon, even her own family was under attack, and her sister Chii and mother Mylo were taken hostage to N's Castle. Her father, while trying to protect them from further harm, was killed in the assault. Melrose had to take care of herself now. She learned swordsfighting and standing on two legs. It became her favourite way to run and walk. She was taught not to trust anybody and simply liberate all the captive pokémon in N's Castle. She became convinced it was her destiny.

Moveset: Bite, Shadow Ball, Scratch, Tackle

RP Sample: Melrose was leaping from tree to tree in the large and outstretching forests. She was disguised as a member from Team Plasma. Too bad she had to kill a grunt for that. She simply pulled on the clothes and made sure nobody would see her. Of course, that was a stupid decision, she had to rely on her skills too much in these woods and if she would be discovered, she'd be done for. She wish she could just close her eyes for a moment and open them again, only to find that this had all ceased. That's when a sudden sound from below caught her attention.
"Amelia, what are you doing up there?"
Melrose looked down with one yank of her head, spotting another grunt, staring at her as if she were standing on lava. She gulped and turned her head away again. Making an unintelligible sound, she tried to flee from the forests. She tore off the disguise swiftly and ran as if there was no tomorrow.
The grunt went after her immediately.
Without any warning, Melrose made a swift turn on her right foot, drew her sword and pierced it right through the grunt's stomach. Melrose pulled the blade out and cleaned it up with the suit of the dead grunt. Fresh blood would attract predators, so the best thing she could do now was getting the heck out of there. She ran away again, until she was sure that all the danger was gone.

A few hours later, Melrose looked around the corner of a cave closeby. She rested a little more and then went on her way again. Onward to the Pokémon League Building.

Notes: In addition to the attacks she normally uses, Melrose prefers using human weapons and she even has her own sword
Oh how much I'd love to have a Flygon >.<
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