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Dar' Kovu
Cyrodiil border

Finally, the guard post into cyrodill was in sight. Dar' Kovu had taken off his armor and weapons and stashed them in a bag so the guards would have no reason to stop him. The only weapon he kept out was his dagger and had put on some fine clothes.

He walked up to the border crossing, where he was stopped by a guard. "Stop," he commanded "There's a crossing fee."

"No there isn't, but here, that should be enough." Dar' Kovu said, throwing a pouch with 1,000 coins in it.

"You can pass," the guard said with a chuckle. "Have a good day."

Dar' Kovu walked on to the town of Skingrad. He bought a room at the Inn and spent the entire day at the tavern, his 'Happy birthday' gift to himself. That cyrodillic brandy was good stuff. Suddenly the door to the tavern flung open as 3 guards walked in. They seemed to walk straight to him with their hands on there swords. One guard tapped on Dar' Kovu's shoulder and asked "Are you Dar' Kovu?"

"Yes, why?" He asked back.

"You're going to jail... that's why." the guard answered. Dar' Kovu pulled out his dagger and stabbed it straight through the guard's heart then grabbed his bag off the floor and jumped over the counter. He ran to the other side of the counter and to the front door, but a guard jumped and tackled him to the floor. He managed to wrestle a hand free and slashed the man across the face with his claws. The guard recoiled in pain, giving him the room he needed to escape. He snatched up his equipment bag and ran out the door. Someone had to have told the guard who he was or something, he wasn't famous enough to be wanted in multiple provinces, whoever told needed to be killed before he told more guards. He left the town for an hour to give the guard at least some time to calm down, then walked back in. He listened in on some peoples conversation till he heard his name come up, he took out his steel dagger and walked over.

"You! No! The guard said you'd be taken care of!" A high elf yelled at him. He was there when Dar' Kovu killed his first contract, the Thalmor official. Dar' Kovu walked up and stuck the dagger through his stomach. "Sorry," Dar' Kovu said "You can't tell anyone else about me now."

With that taken care of, he headed back to his inn room. The guard should leave him alone in fear that he was part of the brotherhood.

He laid on the bed and fell asleep
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