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    Thorsten the Powerful - Skyrim/Cyrodiil Border

    Thorsten sat quietly in his wagon, accompanied by three specially trained Stormcloak Guards, handpicked to protect Thorsten. Thorsten knew they would be killed on the spot if any of them sported Stormcloak colours, so they all wore different armour instead. Thorsten knew the importance of this mission, so he made sure nothing would go wrong. Thorsten was alerted by the wagon driver, also hand-selected for his skills, that they were approaching the Imperial outpost on the border. Thorsten breathed in deeply, and closed his eyes. Thorsten imagined his wife, Alea, at home all alone without Thorsten. Thorsten also thought of Windhelm, and how it needed him now more than ever. Thorsten was removed from his thoughts by a shove from one of his allies.

    " Thorsten, the outpost is in sight, we should raze it," the guard, named Aringor, suggested.

    " No Aringor, that would only alert the Imperials of our presence. We will handle this quietly. Let me do all the talking," Thorsten replied.

    " Why do we have to be quiet about our entrance to Cyrodiil, they should know we are here and fear us for it," another guard, named Esloth, interjected.

    Thorsten had to turn his attention to Esloth.

    " No Imperial Army is going to fear four Stormcloaks running around. They'd crush us like a bug. We will not be able to defeat them until we have the hourglass," Thorsten explained.

    The wagon stopped. Thorsten could hear a conversation between some Imperials and the wagon driver, but Thorsten couldn't hear it. That changed however. Three Imperial Soldiers faced Thorsten and his guards sitting in the wagon and barked,

    " All of you, get out!"

    Thorsten jumped out and nudged the others to do the same. They put their hands on their heads, knowing the typical Imperial drill.

    " Hmm, four armed Nords crossing the border into Cyrodiil. Interesting," the Officer stated.

    " Get on your knees," the Officer ordered.(wink,wink)

    Thorsten and his men replied.

    So, are you boys Stormcloaks," the Officer asked.

    " No, we ain't a part of Ulfric and those damn traitors, they should learn to live with the Empire, like most of Skyrim has," Thorsten lied.

    " Okay, get back in, and get going," the Officer barked, convinced that Thorsten was pro-Imperial.

    Thorsten and his entourage got back into the wagon, and set off into Cyrodiil. After a few minutes of silence, Aringor broke the silence,

    " You didn't really mean those things about the Stormcloaks did you."

    " Of course not, it was just to fill the Imperial ears with bull$#*! they love to hear," Thorsten replied.

    The ride continued with silence and they steadily decreased in elevation as they went from Skyrim to Cyrodiil. They would be stopping in Bruma, a mostly Nordic town, for the night. The road descended off of the Jerall mountains into the warm, lowlands of Cyrodiil. Thorsten admitted the tempatures would be a nice change, as opposed to the cold of Skyrim. The wagon kept trucking along until they approached a city, which was in fact Bruma. The wagon was parked at the stables and Thorsten and his entourage headed towards Bruma. Bruma looked very similar to Windhelm, which helped with the home-sickness. Thorsten and his group found an Inn, the Jerall view Inn, and entered it.
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