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    This is an idea I was working on. No development has been made other than the store below. I'm not sure how far I will progress in making this game but, here it is. If anyone wants to use it and modify it feel free to do so(But let me know before hand so I don't start development on my project). If you want to offer improvements I'll welcome them also.

    Pokémon: The legend of the Crystal Moon

    The game will be filled with Shadow Pokémon. Random trainers will have shadow Pokémon once the condition is met. Their Pokémon will have an effect on them that will corrupt them. This will be caused by a trainer treating a Pokémon so badly it will close its heart and the Pokémon will awaken the legendary shadow trainer. The legend goes as follows:
    When a Pokémon is treated in a very cruel and evil way it will close its heart. If a Pokémon ever closes its heart it will awaken the spirit of the legendary shadow trainer. He was a very cruel trainer who used brute force and pain to make his Pokémon strong. He was so powerful not a trainer in the world could beat him. He would steal other trainers Pokémon that he wanted and raise them in this way so it would become powerful but the Pokémon would never be the same. Only he had complete control over shadow Pokémon. Long ago he finally passed away and it’s said he spirit was sealed away with the spell, Pokémon tears and a promise that the Pokémon will never be harmed or treated in an evil way again. All Pokémon he corrupted were eventually purified. Most of them could not be saved and had to be locked away. Some still remain under the care of a scientist who takes care and studies the Pokémon. If someone does manage to close a Pokémon’s heart his spirit will rise and corrupt that trainer. Once he rises he will block out the sun drowning the world in darkness so he may eventually corrupt all the Pokémon in the world and rule forever.
    This game starts out differently; you’re a boy already with a Pokémon. You’re in the middle running an errand for your mother. You’re in the second town. You already have your Pokémon you’ve had it for about a year now. You have wanted to battle the gym leader for a while but your mom tells you she doesn’t want you to. It’s dangerous. While in town you pick up the items on the shopping list you have a little extra money and you decide to buy a potion and challenge the gym leader even though your mom tells you not to. You figure you and your Pokémon can win, it shouldn’t be a problem. This is how the game begins: You start in the battle. You have to lose. Outside your mother is waiting and she lectures you for a while then the sky turns dark. All around Pokémon start to go wild. They start to faint, turn on their trainers something is quite wrong. The Gym Leader walks up to you and says were impressive for your first trainer battle. He has also noticed your Pokémon has not acted like the others. It seems to be fine. He asks a request of you. He asks you to travel to a few towns over and seek the professor. He ask you to tell him of the situation and ask him what should he (The gym leader) do, While he tries to get some of these Pokémon under control. Your mom is reluctant but eventually she sees it’s the only option.

    NOTE: The Shadow doesn’t affect the stronger trainers, Such as GYM leaders among a few other trainers.

    During your travel you can catch some wild Pokémon but most of them will be shadow Pokémon. You will also notice that some trainers seem to become more aggressive and violent towards you. They are the trainers that are using Shadow Pokémon. They are strong. There is nothing you can do for them at the moment but defeat them and keep moving on to the professor. Upon reaching the first town you run into a trainer who started this whole mess. He is possessed by the spirit of the Legendary Trainer and he notices you right away. He cannot understand how your Pokémon being so weak can resist the shadows. He starts rambling how u must be truly pure of heart and this could be a problem then disappears. This is also the home town of your lifelong friend and Rival. His Pokémon is also unaffected. You guys talk about the strange man and the things that are going on you tell him your heading to the next town to seek the professor for help. He offers to travel with you and you journey off to the next town.

    • The game will be filled with normal wild Pokémon and shadow wild Pokémon.
    • The game will be filled with a mix of trainers with and without Shadow Pokémon. The ones without shadow Pokémon will have Pokémon at slightly higher levels than the shadow Pokémon.
    • You do not have to challenge each gym, this is a choice if you intend to challenge the Elite four you must have all GYM badges.
    • The game will progress differently than the games more like the show. Many people in each town will ask for your help. You’ll have a choice if you want to help or not. Some Quests must be completed to progress farther in the game.
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