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Okay, I lied. I will be nowhere near done with this region come July.

So our next city we shall tour will be West Grandia Flats, which is kind of an extension of Grenadia Flats in terms of urban area. The city has a population of 41,601, which makes it the 4th most populated city in the region and second largest in Grenadia County.

Update 7 - West Granadia Flats
Here we have an overview of the main portion of the city:

This is a closer look at the southeastern corner of the city, the area closest to Grenadia Flats. The traffic is quite heavy in this area, with bi-directional heavy traffic traveling across the city-line on both the highway and the monorail. Around 15,000 Sims cross the border both ways each day. Though an additional 10,000 go between the two cities through a pair of cities that border both of these cities.

Traveling a bit further north, we have the border neighborhood generally referred to locally as West's East Side where much of the city's residents reside.

Here we have the North Side, which contains the heart of West Granadia Flat's business district.

Crossing the highway, we have North Town, a not very dense area of the city.

These are the farm fields that lie in the northwest of the city.

And they also extend to the west side of the city. This area contains the prestigious Grenadia Flats Farmer's University, and the highway running out the western border leads directly to the northern suburbs of Donavann.

And, lastly, we have the western half of the city, which contains most of the city's industrial areas.

I have been quite busy playing and the region's population now sits at 540,797. Updates will come faster now that I've remembered what cities I have and haven't shown you.

Bonus information for this update - Top 10 Largest Cities in Timbuktu:

1. Grenadia Flats 109,067
2. Donavann 74,332
3. Dakota City 47,850
4. West Grenadia Flats 41,601
5. Iron Port 19,873
6. West Dakota City 18,961
7. North Dakota City 17,320
8. Arbor Point 16,275
9. North Donavann 15,472
10. Mount Menelaeus 13,991

And I'll end this update by leaving you with this image so you can try to figure out which areas are which cities:
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