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    Originally Posted by Mighty Earth Sage View Post
    I'm kinda disappointed that we won't get to see Ash vs. Drayden because it would've been that much more intense since Ash doesn't have any ice-types OR Pokemon that know ice-type moves (unless he were to get Glalie from Professor Oak).

    But I look forward to seeing Ash vs. Homika because I look forward to seeing where the series goes after it. Will they make Homika the 8th and final gym leader and Ash goes to the Unova League after? Or will the series continue and Ash will fight all the B/W 2 gym leaders before facing the Unova League? It will certainly be interesting to see what happens.
    Ash could still lose...I mean the series is clearly going to be much longer than we anticipated. For all we know he loses and still goes to battle Drayden (or makes Ash battle Iris XD)

    Also, for all we know, her gym could still be in a set up phase and A. it's either not official yet B. In the process of being official, so she can't give him a badge.

    The third option is with the WE-Junior cup he may have to get more than 8. It's entirely possible we may even see Shizui and Cheren battle. (OK not Cheren since...well Ash got Lenora's badge already lol)
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