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    Originally Posted by Mista T View Post
    3) Motherflippin' Arcanine sinking its motherfrikkin' teeth into motherfrackin' Seviper was the turning point. It exclaimed "THIS GAME IS A CHILDREN'S GAME NO LONGER. THIS IS A MAN'S GAME."
    This. XD I'm so glad I was secluded in my room when I saw this trailer for the first time. I recall yelling "OH!" at the top of my lungs when Arcanine fought. And then I burst into maniacal laughter and probably sounded really stupid. It made me realize why I don't like the actual anime though. Cause there was no action, there was no suspense. Basically the episodes start with Ash wanting to fight someone, fighting and then losing to said person, somehow obtaining a new Pokemon/friend after helping them, *que friendship speech*, and then ending credits. Bore. I need to be dazzled by fights, and if the main character loses then he shouldn't be SWEPT BY A SNIVY WHILE HIS PIKACHU WAS EVENLY MATCHED WITH A LATIAS. But I digress.

    Hopefully this is the beginning of a new era, where someone more suited then Ash will take the reigns and actually keep me interested for more than two episodes. Don't get me wrong, becoming friends with a Pokemon in order to have them join you is not at all bad; but when the main character has basically only caught a Caterpie the normal way, then there is something wrong. And this whole: "I can't evolve my Pokemon because that's only admitting to the fact that they have to be fully evolved to win" is a load of bull-honky. Grow a pair Ash and actually make this a shonen anime!

    And I'll finish by saying that I hope Nintendo/Gamefreak/whoever witnesses the positive reactions to this trailer and runs with it.

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