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Originally Posted by Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers View Post

Hahah, guilty of that, I am. I like both of his designs, the glasses don't really bother me. But somehow he became cooler once he grew his hair out a little and once we learned that he became a gym leader. I wonder if he still keeps his old pokémon team somewhere in a drawer 8D
I have to admit I did like his personality in B/W as well despite all the hate he got back then. I was probably the only person on this forum who liked his personality back then...


And yes, I liked his design, whether or not he had the glasses.


Well, he is only the second rival to be a Gym Leader after all.

As for that Patrat he has in B2/W2, maybe that was the Pokemon he caught on Route 1 in B/W but didn't reveal it?
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