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    Originally Posted by Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers View Post
    *bricks Impact* If you make that now, then I throw you out of Arcanum :D bet you could guess that. Have you GM'd before?

    Also omg you have Nakuzami's old avatar, I thought Naku was coming back all of a sudden when I saw that.

    I hope Mr Cat Dog's RP kicks off and has a good run. The idea is really cool.
    Haha I guess I saw that coming xD

    Yuup, I co-GM'd a Percy Jackson RP a few months back. Too bad it died though, mainly because I got busy and my co-GM had to leave PC... sigh.

    lol I just love the game, and I needed a cool avatar to fit my theme so I picked that 8D Though really I do wonder when Nakuzami is gonna return haha.