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Caedmon Yeonart
Council Meeting Room

Caedmon remained quiet as Maverick and the council conversed, thoughts filling up his mind. He had promised himself to remain focused and not let his mind wander as it had earlier, and he was doing so, even if he wanted to go into details with the information presented to him right now; Matthew was taken captive and the Mechanists had left one of theirs behind.

He couldn’t help but feel the council’s eyes resting on him and the others, but he kept his position calmly, even if he was going to be waiting for hours like this, kneeling on the floor. He had gone through training like that before, and he had learned to accept patience.
“That is your new task Knights to find his whereabouts and slay any Mechanists that get in your way.” Fergo said.

Caedmon huffed quietly. Without any information extracted from the new prisoner, that would be a very tough job. Not to mention that he was probably trained to withstand any kind of torture they could provide. Caedmon had never been happy about torture, but as with much else in his life, it had been a necessary evil.

The council then asked Maverick if anything significant had happened, to which Caedmon dared to turn his head slightly and glance at Maverick, who looked back at him and shook his head.
"Nothing I find significant sir. Although my second in command may something if he wishes."

Caedmon’s eyes narrowed, and when the council asked him, he lifted his head, but remained in his kneeling position, his expression firm, his brows furrowed, looking all in all, very serious.

“Yes, something significant happened, sir. We had wiped out the majority of the Mechanists and were in the process of rounding up prisoners. Once we had collected them all, we took them to the town square. Considering they were civilians and had nothing to do with the fighting, I felt it was necessary to bring them here and imprison them and perhaps try to reform them, or extract information out of them. Maverick thought otherwise.”

He took a moment while his paw clenched slightly around his knee, loosening up a moment later, meeting the council’s eyes with his own, pierching, light-blue ones.
“Maverick felt the need to only keep one of the Mechanists alive, and he ordered them all killed. I spoke up, and he proceeded to murder them all. I was brought up with the code, and I know it from beginning to end. However, these were not our foes. These were civilians. Bystanders. And I feel that what Maverick did, was wrong. We, as knights, are supposed to protect the weak and bring order to chaos. Not sow needless destruction across the land, where it can be avoided.”

Finishing his little speech, he lowered his head respectfully again, not even glancing towards Maverick. He had spoken out his heart, and he was sure that the council would see reason with what he had said. However, there was a small, nagging suspicion at the very back of his head. Something gnawing at his subconscious and providing a foreboding feeling. He chose to ignore it, however.
“That is all.”
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