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Ok, so I am doing a pokémon Platinum let's play on YouTube, I am not able to trade so getting alakazam/machamp/gengar, etc is impossible. I am only able to catch in-game pokémon. I am trying to come up with a good balanced yet interesting team to watch me play. I currently have Turtwig, Bidoof, Zubat and Machop (to trade for abra when he is lvl 15). I was thinking of this type of team:
Torterra (Grass/Ground) -> weakness Fly,Fire,Bug and Ice

Crobat (Poison/Flying) -> weakness Electric,Psych, Ice and Rock

Bibarel (Normal/Water) -> weakness Fighting,Grass and Electric

Kadabra (Psychic) -> weakness Ghost, Bug and Dark
Haunter (Poison/Ghost) -> weakness Ghost, Psych, Dark

Magmar (Fire) -> weakness Water, Ground, Rock
Flareon (Fire) -> weakness Water, Ground, Rock
Houndoom (Dark/Fire) -> weakness Water,Fight, Rock and Ground

The sixth slot is still empty, maybe a gyarados (preferably a pokemon that you can catch quite early in the game, I'm at the Valley Windworks). Could you help me decide which fire pokemon and which Sp. attacker (kadabra vs haunter) I should pick?