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    Brenn, much to her surprise, managed to stumble into the meeting in time. Next time she is in the Birch enclave, she will have to ask for a map. When Brenn walked into the meeting however, there seemed to be an air of unease. Judging by that and the severity of the loudspeaker's voice, Brenn could sense that bad news was ahead. Chairs were set out for everyone to sit at, but Brenn chose to stand in the back of the room. She felt more comfortable in places where she could overlook everything, even if the people she were overlooking were her allies.

    Damon entered the center of the room, prepared to deliver the news. Brenn wasn't aware of what the news could be, but Damon did not look at ease. The Linoone hesitated for a brief moment before relaying the news. Brenn's anger suddenly peaked; her claws snapped shut and a small snarl escaped her lips. The knights; the honor-less brutes that they are; had seized the Kanto Enclave and slain most of it's denizens. Sometimes Brenn questioned whether or not leaving the knights was a good idea. Whether or not leaving the knights was worth the risk. But after hearing tale after tale of their brutality towards those who have different ideals, this cemented Brenn's resolve.

    She would never bring herself to forgive them for what they've done to their citizens and those outside of their jurisdiction. Brenn decided she will do anything in her power to take down the knights and assist in changing the world for the better. As soon as Damon told the knights to get ready she immediately left to clean off her shell. She was back within two minutes, impatiently tapping her shell covered foot waiting for the others to arrive.
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