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Alice Crenshaw
Academy Grounds

Another boy approached Alice, and offered her a Revive and some Super Potions to her, so that she could heal her Grimer. What for? She was heading for the Pokémon Center at the moment, so using them would be wasting them. She politely turned them down, and gave them back to him.

"I-I'm sorry..." she mumbled, "I'll pass."

Then she continued to listen to this other kid who tried to comfort her. Apparently the boy's name was Roxas and he knew a girl that could...understand Pokémon? Although she could understand Jello, Alice could not understand every Pokémon, and knowing that there was someone who could understand any Pokémon was kind of shocking news to her. Her train of thought was interrupted by Roxas grabbing her arm and walking behind his Lucario.

"I...My name's Alice, by the way." she said to him.
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