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    Ruby Sapphire Fiona Destiny - Power Plant

    "Use Dig!" Ruby commanded her Eevee, after he was knocked back with Faint Attack.

    Ruby kept thinking as she couldn't get on a new plan, was she out of ideas? How? Maybe accepting this battle wasn't a good idea after all. Maybe she should forfeit to prevent her pokemon from getting hurt because of her foolness.

    'Kaede, come to the surface!' Ruby said. Kaede came above right on the place Yaibe was standing. Right now this was the only thing she could think off.

    Roxas Jaden Asakura

    'I... I'm Alice by the way.' The girl introduced herself. 'Nice name.' Roxas complimented.

    'Obilivio, can you show us the way out of this forest?' Roxas asked him. 'I was already doing so.' He replied.

    'I'm sorry that i interfered like that, but i can't stand it when a trainer can't control his pokemon and hurts others with it.' Roxas said.
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