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    @Akio: tbh, I kind of agree with Ichiro. Some things are just better off being video games. I won't join, but I'm still interested in seeing how exactly you manage such a RP.

    The plot starts in the year 2042. Professor Bianca starts logging in to her PC. She writes another log entry. The Pokemon World is nearing its end. Smoke and toxic levels are rising to extreme levels. Nature is already extinct. Tress, clean water, rivers, grass, plants, fruits, berries, etc., Most of them, if not all, are dead. Pokemon are rapidly diminishing. In the year 2028, researchers found a fracture in the fabric of time and space. It seems to lead to an alternate dimension on the year 0001. In 2035, they finished a massive teleportation machine on what used to be Aspertia City. If crossed, it would lead to the said dimension. The Pokemon International League passed Law 80, that states all wild Pokemon must be submitted to the League to be shipped at the Teleportation Machine, which they call Operation: New Life. Getting tickets to pass there is very hard. You must be either a Pokemon International League member, any Regional League member, with their families. Professors, Elite Positions, etc. You could buy tickets, but they cost 1 billion Unovian PokeDollars. You could also be recruited from someone from year 0001. You could also win from lotteries. Now, in the year 2042, you, out of billions of people, with you family, got tickets to the teleportation machine. Once you get to New Unova (which is the name of the region), your family is assigned to one of the 17 tribes across the land. Your objective is to gather all 17 Master Symbols (which are equivalent to gym badges) and battle the Supreme Five. But wait, a threat arises in the lovely landscape of New Unova.
    Eh... the whole Pokemon League concept kind of put me off. When I read a "Pokemon-Terra Nova" crossover, I expected something like people going back and trying to rebuild society, like in the show. I thought it would be cool if you brought like limited Pokemon back in time, and actually survived in a harsh land along with primitive version of current gen Pokemon, which imo would be cool. Then, there would be internal conflicts within the society, like the show.

    tl;dr my point is that the league concept makes it seem like a League RP in a different setting. It would be cool if it featured older versions of Pokemon, that would interest me.