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Alice Crenshaw
Academy Grounds -> Pokémon Center

Alice sniffled again. She blushed lightly when the boy told her that her name was nice, but it quickly wore off.

'Th-Thank you.' she said timidly, ' a nice name too.'

She still was unsure of why this Roxas guy was helping her and trying to feel better, even though they didn't even know each other. She was a little suspicious, but the boy didn't seem to be a bad guy. She followed him as he followed his Lucario, what was the worst that could happen? A smile slowly reappeared on her face. Jello, who was floating behind of her, noticed this and felt happier as well.

'I'm sorry that i interfered like that, but i can't stand it when a trainer can't control his pokemon and hurts others with it.' Roxas said.

'I-It's okay, don't worry...', she said. She was about to say something else, but decided against it.
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