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    Hello! Well, I love to draw, and paint. Lately I havent had much time to draw, and I can only justify taking time off to paint cause I usualy end up selling them.
    Anyway, I had some time off this weekend, so I decided to scribble down some fakemons.

    This first one is actualy from a while ago, when I was younger. It's supposed to be a family of Grass type starters.

    This was my idea for a Fire/Steel type starter. The idea was that it would live in valcanos and such, in the magma

    I always wanted an Ice/Fight group of pokemon, so I made these fuzzy guys

    -Yggdragon, or Yggdragus or something lol

    I always liked the idea of a pokemon based on Yggdrasil, the life tree of Norse Mythology. That turned into a giant tree, not sure if it would be a evolution of Sudowoodo, or a stand alone legendary. If it where a Legendary, it would be Grass/Ghost. This ones supposed to have a Starly on it's 'hand'.

    Anyway, Thanks for looking! Might make some more little later. What do you think?