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"As you had said to have kept yourself updated... To who do you suppose you can make an alliance with before the Games begin?"

Daiki nodded and took a seat across from Perserias and looked at the angel with a rather blank impression. He hadn't really thought about alliances much, firmly believing that the game was nothing more than a battle royale in which competitors fought for the amusement of the Gods. It was a deplorable and morally wrong for the Gods to have children to do such a thing, but sadly he could not stop it being that he was a lower being. Even the supernatural had to bow down before them. Daiki internally sighed and tried to remember the names and faces of his fellow competitors, though he almost wanted to call them victims. His memory was blurry on many, causing Daiki to feel rather indifferent towards many. Daiki immediately crossed off any idea of allying with any of the humans such as Nokoto and Raike seeing how they were his direct competition. In theory, if they died and Daiki could hide from the others, he could survive. So any alliance with them was counter productive. The vampires Kerin, Fang, Shiro, Cyro and Scarlet gave Daiki the chills for the most part. He was never a fan of the race, since in general they displayed great spite towards humans. It made interaction with them awkward and at times difficult. Though Daiki did find Marisa quite adorable, feeling an urge to pinch her cheeks. Hopefully she wouldn't try to bite him afterwards. The Angels were a race Daiki always admired, but sadly only Amelia left any impression on him due to her dazzling beauty. Shizuka, Pewie and Kaito were forgettable, while Akira simply rubbed Daiki the wrong way as a poor representation of the Angels. This left the Demons as the last group and certainly the most diverse. Daiki found Xavier and Ryuu unnerving, especially the violent reputation Ryuu developed. Paris was certainly alluring. But…

"If I had to choose an ally, it would have to be the Lady Bernkastel. She is a two time winner, so her experience would prove greatly valuable. Also, one has to be quite powerful to win twice. Being the weak human I am, I need all the strength on my side. And her beauty is something to behold. Oh, how I wish I could meet the Lady in different circumstances. If I was to pursue an alliance with her, how would I go about it? And…you claim my powers could be useful, but I don't see how making bright lights could be useful?"

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