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    Originally Posted by 雷影 イチロ View Post

    I don't doubt that you have a reason for everything and a storyline, neither do I doubt Jaffersin's knowledge of Team Fortress 2 either. However like DeepImpact and XLegion, I believe TF2 is a really good game, and some things just shouldn't be made into a Roleplay because then it ends up 'butchering' the idea/vision of the game.

    Again, I'm not really a fan of game-based Roleplays, so my idea is slightly skewed and biased, but there are some games like TF2, that I believe should not be made into RPs.

    Also, if your asking for comments, be prepared for both positive and negative comments, not everyone is going to respond: "OMFG dis is sum c00l stuffs!!!11!!!1!!11!!!!"
    Of course I don't expect strictly positive comments. I just think that you could have showed a little more courtesy and respect with your negative comment.