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    (Yeah, sorry about that Jack.)

    Lucia Francisco Bernavard

    Lucia nodded, "Yeah, I see that now. Well at least you didn't get swarmed Danielle and you weren't harmed either. Your pokemon did take some damaged. Perhaps it is best if we get out of here and head on to the pokemon center? What do you think Jack?"

    Tyro was now out of battle mode and upon seeing Herb immediately ran up to him and grabbed his hand began to shake it, "Dude! It's a smaller dude! Hey there dude! My name is Tyro and I bet you and Blade are close dudes! Well, we're close dudes also! Did he tell you we were bros now cause we're bros! It was awesome how we became bros but are you two bros because that would be awesome because if I'm a bro with Blade then you have to be a bro with me since I'm a bro with Blade, so that makes you a bro with me! Anyway you're my bro now! Like I say bros to the end! Did you know that we're bros?..." Tyro was once again on another tirade as more words spewed forth from his mouth, and at the rate he was talking it didn't look like he would be stopping anytime soon.

    Roberto sighed and walked away from Tyro, "He's your problem now." He said over his shoulder to Herb and Blade. Samuel also walked some distance away and looked back, "Those poor pokemon."

    Robert just nodded, "But better them than us."

    Diana meanwhile continued to squirm as Lucia held her. "Hey! You! Red guy! I want my battle! Let me go!"
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